July 04, 2008

Indians opposed American independence

Continental Congress resolves to recruit Native American tribes July 1, 1775On this day in 1775, the Continental Congress resolved to recruit Native American tribes to the Patriot cause in the colonists’ escalating dispute with the British crown.

The motion adopted by the legislators, assembled in Philadelphia, read: “That in case any agent of the ministry shall induce the Indian tribes, or any of them, to commit actual hostilities against these colonies, or to enter into an offensive alliance with the British troops, thereupon the colonies ought to avail themselves of an alliance with such Indian nations as will enter into the same, to oppose such British troops and their Indian allies.”

As matters stood, however, few “such Indian nations” saw any advantage in aiding the Patriots. Rather, they viewed Great Britain as their last bulwark—one that offered to protect their ancestral territories against encroaching land-hungry colonists. Racism among many white settlers also served to undermine any residual trust that remained in the native population.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Fun 4th of July Facts.

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really interesting. most people in american fail to think aout the native american perspective.