December 01, 2008

Indian princesses on Facebook

I was an Indian PrincessType:  Organizations--Clubs & Societies

Description:  All those totally hot princesses out there that had a felt vest back in the day
A comment on this organization:Ryan Red Corn (Tulsa, OK) wrote
at 6:34am yesterday

At first i thought this was a joke.

I suppose some of you are in the Little Latina Bride club as well? or perhaps the Little Black Girl Club.

Now that you are all grown would you consider going to a halloween party dressed as a stereotypical black woman and expect not to run into problems during the course of the night?

Just thought you should know, that the type of things you guys do in those groups are the butt of alot of jokes to alot of people you have never met.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see The Y-Indian Guides.

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Yarrow said...


My name is Yarrow. I am a non-Native who participated in the Y-"Indian Princesses" program with my dad in the 90s. It's really disgusting (but sadly, not surprising) that this program was allowed to exist for so long. I would just like to add that much like Boy Scouts eventually become Eagle Scouts- Indian Princesses could progress as well. Once one had obtained enough beads (that's right- not patches), you were no longer a princess- but moved up to the level of "westerner." It's crazy how blatant all of that was- the younger children were considered "Indian" but as you reached adolescence, the organization considered you 'civilized' enough to be considered "western." After that, you no longer wore regalia, but instead donned cowboy hats and bandannas.