December 01, 2008

2009 Native men's calendar

2009 calendar features Native American hunksManus’ 2009 21st Century Skins Native American Men’s Calendar is on sale now, and as with previous calendars, it features photographs of up-and-coming Native American actors, models, musicians, dancers, and athletes.

“It started it after I saw so many women’s calendars,” explained Manus in a telephone interview. Manus’ husband, Mihio, a professional photographer, agreed to do the photography, and the couple’s company, Viewfinder Productions, Inc. of Chandler, Ariz., began marketing the calendars. This year’s calendar retails for $20, but is currently only available for purchase online or at Drum Beat Indian Art in Phoenix.

Manus brought some calendars to Gallup on Friday for a radio interview with this year’s cover model, actor Tatanka Means. The two were interviewed on Gallup’s 93X/93.7 FM radio station, Manus said. Means, of Oglala Lakata/Omaha/Navajo descent from Chinle, Ariz., portrayed Crazy Horse in the TNT epic “Into the West” and is featured in the upcoming PBS television program, “We Shall Remain,” directed by award-winning Native director, Chris Eyre.
Comment:  I'm not sure it's good to view anyone--men as well as women--primarily in terms of their appearance. Ideally we'd judge everyone on what's inside them--their brains and hearts.

But since men dominate in our society, a male calendar isn't as much of a problem as a female calendar. Men rarely have to worry about getting stereotyped as sex objects.


dmarks said...

"2009 calendar features Native American hunks"

Any Hunkpapa or Ho-Chunk Hunks? That would be appropriate by tribal name.

Anonymous said...

Since we exist in such a hyper-sexualized society, where sex always sells - why not?

I believe that there is a relatively good market for a Native men's pictorial calendar in "Indian Country" with women, 18 to 80, and gay males constituting all of that particular market.

When I was at that age where pin-ups were highly prized, all I had were Playboy and Penthouse centerfolds (boo, hoo, hoo!). I was in the army in Germany then - and the artwork had to be mounted on cardboard with a 1/2-inch white border surrounding the picture (per the military's specs).

Anonymous said...

some of those guys look mexican.