December 06, 2008

Justin Time premieres in Idaho

Movie Premieres in Rexburg--Another Napoleon Dynamite?The Rex Theater in Rexburg will be the site of a world premiere movie this weekend.

Producers were hoping "Justin Time" would be picked up as a TV series, but with the economic downturn that hasn't happened yet, so they decided to turn it into a movie.

"Justin Time" was shot mostly right in Rexburg with many scenes taking place at Madison High School.

Producer Troy Hinckley, who has worked on such TV series as "Touched by an Angel" and "Promised Land" chose Idaho to shoot the pilot series, "Justin Time."

"It's about a Native American boy that is orphaned as a young child and his father leaves him an amulet that has been passed from father to son for generations. When he get the amulet when he's in high school he realizes it has the ability to stop time. What he doesn't realize is that there are other pieces to it," explained Hinckley.
Comment:  Ii don't see any evidence that Chris Laird, who plays Justin, is Native. In fact, none of the cast members is an obvious Native. The only one I've heard of is Danny Trejo, who is Latino.

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