December 06, 2008

The Navajo Santa

Navajo Santa visiting Utah reservationIf a Navajo in a red suit, white beard and black boots is spotted this weekend, chances are it’s the famous Navajo Santa, aka Kenneth Maryboy.

For the 20th year, Maryboy will be bringing Christmas cheer to the Utah portion of the Navajo Nation on Saturday with a community get-together at Mexican Water Chapter House.
And:Maryboy has received national attention for the Navajo Santa program. He was named one of the most caring people in 2002 by the Caring Institute—also awarded that year was the late actor-philanthropist Paul Newman—and was one of five people featured in People Magazine for helping others during the holidays in 2004.

The Navajo Santa program fulfills a promise that Maryboy made to himself when he was the passenger in a truck driven that hit and killed a young boy.

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Anonymous said...

I see the Navajo Santa as basically a much-needed philanthropic program that benefits the people of the region that it serves as having traveled through there years ago I could not help but notice the extreme isolation and poverty.