January 22, 2011

Advertisers for Native graphic novels?

I wonder whom I could get to advertise in a Native-themed graphic novel and associated website. Gaming tribes? Studios producing films such as Cowboys and Aliens and The Lone Ranger? Publishers producing books such as the Twilight series? Native film festivals such as the American Indian Film Festival? Musicians such as Jana? Makers of video games such as Turok? Native creators of youth-oriented products such as t-shirts, sneakers, or skateboards? Online galleries or stores dealing in Native arts and crafts? Native museums such as the NMAI?

Who do you think are the likeliest candidates? Any ideas?

P.S. If you're a potential advertiser, you should contact me, of course.

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Anonymous said...

Given how a lot of corporations are about multiculturalism, I'd say they would turn it into the usual stereotypes, removing "ethnic gestures" such as "ayyye" and "enit", as well as the darker and edgier aspects of reservation life (e.g., alcoholism), while simultaneously making the characters more magical.