January 12, 2011

Inuit theme song for Flying Wild Alaska

Native Musicians on "Flying Wild Alaska"

By thundercloudradiThe Discovery Channel's new show "Flying Wild Alaska," is a show about pilots and the small villages in Alaska that they serve (http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/flying-wild-alaska-episode-1-videos/). Native Kalaallit rapper Peand-eL from Greenland is rapping the theme music, there will be Jana Mashonee & other Native musicians of all genres for their background music.

ThunderCloud Radio, a Native hip hop & Native urban music radio (www.thundercloudradio.com), was contacted by producer D.J. Nurre of the Discovery Channel, on June 17th 2010, to help them find an Inuit hip hop artist for a song sung either entirely or partially in the Inuit language. He was delighted with Peand-eL's music which is sung in Kalaallisut, to which Nurre then opened the invitation to other Native hip hop musicians. Very excited with the response from the Native hip hop community, D.J. Nurre opened the opportunity for all Native Music from all genres.
Comment:  For more on Native rappers, see Cherokee Rapper Signs with Eminem's Label and A Tribe Called Red.

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