January 01, 2012

Dan Snyder, insensitive lout

Dan Snyder: Unsportsman of the Year, 2011

By Dave McKennaThroughout 2011, Snyder and his enterprises showcased all the unsportsmanly traits that brought him home the hardware in the past. The Redskins, who on the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks sold Pentagon hats for profit, commemorated this year’s 10th anniversary of the tragedy by taking out a full page advertisement in the Washington Post showing a drawing of the Pentagon with a big team logo pasted right about the spot where the plane hit.

Crass act, indeed.

Then there’s the email Snyder’s marketing geniuses blasted out earlier this month disguised as a holiday greeting. The email was actually an advertisement from Audi, a major Redskins sponsor, which hailed those Redskins fans who “enthusiastically embraced” such “traditions” as wearing “feathers and war paint” to feel “oneness with the tribe.”

Hey, Dan, 1932 called! It wants its cultural sensitivity unawareness back!
Comment:  For more on the Washington Redskins, see Racist Redskins Had Racist Owner and Critics Slam Snyder's Hypocrisy.

Below:  Photo by Darrow Montgomery.

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