May 22, 2012

Animated Lakota Coo Coo Clock

Animated Lakota Coo Coo ClockWe are seeking funding for this project so that we can finally get this model into production. We are a group of Lakota Native Americans that live on an Indian reservation in Lower Brule, SD.

This Lakota Coo Coo Clock plays a different Native American song every hour. While the song is playing the couple emerges from the tipi, and makes a loop around the lit fire pit. Also, while the song is playing, there is another animated Native American model that beats on his drum.
Comment:  This clock is something that pretty much no one needs. It's too big and I can't imagine it would fit in with any room's decor. And with its traditionally dressed couple, drummer, and tipi, it promotes an outdated, stereotypical view of Indians.

P.S. It's "Cuckoo," not "Coo Coo."

For more tipi stereotypes, see Tipi "Housing Solution" Cartoon and Stereotypical Yulefest Postcard.

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