May 09, 2012

Teaching Native history through art

Butte High art students learning Native American art

By Piper HauganWith tools including old maps, watercolors and screen-printing paint, students in John Bercier’s art classes at Butte High are learning about Native American history.

It’s an effort that could expand statewide.

Bercier is working with Montana’s Office of Public Instruction to develop an art curriculum for the office’s Indian Education for All.

In Bercier’s advanced art class Wednesday morning, students focused on ledger art, a style that evolved from Plains Indians painting on hides and other materials. Screen-printed interpretations of red-tailed hawks, skunks and even shrimp covered the table space in the classroom.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Tribal Vision Educates Through Dance and Narragansetts Use Film to Educate.

Below:  "Jake Heard, a sophomore in John Bercier's advanced art class, used a map of Yellowstone National Park for his artwork." (Walter Hinick/Montana Standard)

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