May 08, 2012

Warren skipped Native events

Elizabeth Warren claims Native American roots, skips Harvard Powwow

By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa with Megan Johnson[I]f she was so interested in meeting Native Americans, why did Liz skip out on the Powwow—a perfect opportunity to commune with her peeps right in her own backyard???

And why did the head of the Harvard’s Native American Program tell Breitbart News that, as far as she can recall, Liz never attended any of their programs during her years at the school?

The Warren campaign declined to comment yesterday, but the state GOP wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.

“If Professor Warren were truly interested in meeting Native Americans at social gatherings as she claimed last week, then she would have attended this Harvard-sponsored event intended to bring Native Americans together, or any other event sponsored by the Harvard University Native American Program,” said party spokesgal Alleigh Marre. “The fact that Professor Warren apparently wasn’t interested in Native American activities on campus is another blow to her already-damaged credibility.”
Comment:  I wouldn't expect a busy politician or professor to attend any particular event. But as I've said, Warren's claim of listing herself as Native in directories to meet people is shaky.

The way to meet Natives is to join Native organizations and attend Native events such as powwows. There's no evidence Warren has ever done anything like that.

If she was proud of her 1/32 Native heritage, why not spend 1/32 of her time (about nine days a year) on Native activities? That she didn't makes you wonder if she had an ulterior motive for listing herself as "Native."

For more on the subject, see Warren's Cherokee Claim Unsubstantiated? and Is Elizabeth Warren Native?

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