May 03, 2012

Megyn Kelly mimics stereotypical Indian

Megyn Kelly Mimicks Native American Word, Tells Shepard Smith She's 'Been Drinking' (VIDEO)Kelly responded to viewers requests and said she would be happy to interview Warren on her show. "She is more than welcome to come on the program and I already know exactly how I would begin it," Kelly said. She then raised her hand and said, "how," mimicking a stereotypical Native American greeting.

Kelly started laughing hysterically, as did individuals off camera. She then announced that Fox News host Shepard Smith's program was coming up next.

"Oh my god, Megyn. Are you kidding me?" Smith asked. "You're out of your mind."

"Shepard, I've been drinking again!" Kelly said through her laughs.

"I can tell. You enjoy yourself," Shepard responded. "Wow."
Comment:  At least Kelly didn't put two fingers behind her head or go "whoo whoo whoo."

Once again, conservatives consider Indians in racist or stereotypical terms. Kelly wouldn't think of emulating a jive-talkin' black, but doing the same for Indians is okay.

This isn't a big deal by itself. No doubt Kelly was only "joking," at least in her own mind. But the incident shows how pervasive is the racist stereotyping of Indians in our society.

For Indians, this is the norm, not an aberration. They have to deal with this perception constantly. Wherever they go, whatever they do, someone is likely to think or say, "Chief...teepee...'How!'"

For more on the subject, see "Little Things" Have Big Consequences and Conservatives Use "Language of Savagery."


Anonymous said...

"Conservatives consider..." But a Democrat Warren speaking of "having high cheekbones just like all Native Americans" gets no peep from you.

This site is a fraud. It's not about Native Americans, it only uses them as a club. It's about furthering the left-wing agenda.

dmarks said...

"Once again, conservatives consider Indians in racist or stereotypical terms"

Or liberals do too. Remember the Lansing mayor. Or Bloomberg.

Rob said...

A few liberals, but mostly conservatives.