May 12, 2012

Hamilton Collection's Spirit Maidens

Carrie Baranet came across a "Native" booth at an arts and crafts fair somewhere in Kansas. It included paintings of Native "fairies" based on the following product line:

Awful inspires AwfulYes, it's Jasmine Becket-Griffith's Spirit Maidens, again, brought to you by the wonderfully offensive dedicated folks at the Hamilton Collection.

O.o, check out the description:

"Embark on a quest to feel the spirit's guiding presence with a first-ever collectible fantasy art fairy figurine collection featuring fairies and their spirit guiding friends by acclaimed fantasy artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith, only from The Hamilton Collection. Your mystical journey begins with Issue One, Moonheart, the Spirit of Strength. Soon, your mesmerizing collection continues with Issue Two, Dreamsky, the Spirit of Vision and additional collectible fairy figurines, each a separate issue to follow."
Comment:  Why do people think Indians are spiritual to the point of being fantasy figures? Because we reinforce this belief constantly with stereotypes. For instance:

Tonto as a "spirit warrior"
Jim Morrison was reincarnated shaman?
"Native Wolves" Spirit Hoods

For more on the subject, see Indians, Wizards, Fairies, and Ghouls and Indians, Smurfs, and Fairies.

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