May 10, 2012

Warren didn't claim Native status

Elizabeth Warren Did Not Claim Minority Status, Records Show

By Steve LeBlancRecords show that the leading Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts identified her race as "white" on an employment record at the University of Texas and declined to apply for admission to Rutgers Law School under a program for minority students.

The records on Elizabeth Warren were obtained by The Associated Press on Thursday. Warren's heritage has been under scrutiny after it surfaced that she had listed herself as having Native American heritage in law school directories.

Warren's campaign said the records reinforce her earlier statements that she never relied on a claim of minority status to get teaching jobs. She has criticized the campaign of Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown for suggesting that might be the case.
Comment:  So far, Warren's claim that she never used her Native heritage to get a job is holding up. Compared to that, listing herself as "Native" in a professional directory is a trivial matter.

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