May 09, 2012

Navajos on Mars

Navajo Jeneda Benally stars in The 6th World

By Brenda NorrellWith an original and brilliant story by writer/director Ninobah Becker, Navajo actors Jeneda Benally and Roger Willie deliver incredible performances in a new short sci-fi film, available online as of today, May 8. The story is not only a look at the future, but is based on Navajo legends, and reveals the beauty of Dine' songs and the beauty of the land. There's never a way to go wrong with cinematography at Monument Valley.And:Becker describes how the legends and sci-fi mystery came together in a profound way on the red earth.

"Navajos on Mars was the kernel of the idea that led me to this film. Perfect, I thought, Navajos already live in a red desert! I was re-imagining Navajo emergence stories and found it vital to shoot on the Navajo Nation, within our sacred mountains where these stories were born. From the beginning, I knew the perfect spot on the reservation would be Monument Valley," Becker said.
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