March 24, 2012

Tribal Vision educates through dance

Entertaining and educating about Native culture

By Christine HoslerTribal Vision is a Native dance group out of Six Nations which dances to teach.

“We want to share our culture through dance and song,” said co-founder Naomi Martin. “We went with a different angle, educational instead of entertainment I guess you’d say.”

The group travels to schools, festivals, corporate events and sessions such as the one performed last Friday afternoon at Avondale Zion United Church. Members dance and sing in traditional Native dress. All dancers are experienced, and were all part of separate dancing groups before coming together in 2009 when Naomi and her husband Derek formed Tribal Vision. Their goal is to educate people about Native culture.

“Number one is they think we’re all the same,” said Martin. “We’re all different. There’s just as many first nations in North America as there are ethnicities in Europe.”
Comment:  For more on Native efforts to educate people, see Narragansetts Use Film to Educate.

Below:  "Derek Martin performs his modern interpretation of a war dance as part of the Tribal Visions educational exhibition last Friday at Avondale Zion United Church."

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