March 22, 2012

Fashion show for HIV/AIDS awareness

Fashion show helps spread the word about HIV

By Glenda Rae DavisWhat do you do to make people aware that HIV and AIDS is not something that just happens to other people in other places?

How do you raise awareness in your own community, especially when it's still far from routine to openly discuss sex, the main transmission route for HIV among Navajos?

The people behind Diné College's HIV program decided one way is free food, gas cards, iTunes cards, and models strutting the newest fashion trends with a Native twist. Free pizza, spaghetti, salad and punch were on hand, as well.

On March 8 all of that was part of the 2nd Annual Native Blossom Fashion Show, which the program sponsored in recognition of National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Natives Fight HIV/AIDS and Native CHAT Film Festival.

Below:  "One of the models shows an outfit at the 2nd Annual Native Blossom Fashion Show March 8 at the the DinĂ© College-Shiprock gym." (Glenda Rae Davis)

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