March 11, 2012

Five Native-themed blogs

Five Indigenous Issues Blogs to Bookmark and Follow

By Natasha VarnerOur past round-ups of Native blogs and podcasts, Five Native Bloggers and Podcasters to Bookmark and Follow and Five Indigenous Blogs to Follow Now, featured some of our favorite sources on the Indigenous Americas and beyond. Here are five more blogs that make invaluable contributions to discussions of Indigenous issues and scholarship that we hope you add to your regular reading lists.


Blogger Chelsea Vowel writes insightful posts on a range of topics from cultural appropriations and representations of Indigenous peoples in popular culture to analysis of current events and systemic issues of racism and violence.

Black Coffee Poet

This literary blog emphasizes social justice, poets of color, queer poets, and other marginalized voices. Author Jorge Antonio Vallejos features interviews with poets paired with reviews of their collections and videos of readings.

Unsettling America

This blog, which describes itself as an emerging decentralized network of autonomous groups and individuals is dedicated to “mental and territorial decolonization throughout Turtle Island and the ‘Americas.’”

Newspaper Rock

Author Rob Schmidt keeps this blog fresh through a combination of original pieces, guest posts, and excerpts from blog posts published elsewhere on the web. Posts critique representations of Native Americans in popular culture but also work to break stereotypes through profiles of contemporary Native artists, musicians, and athletes from across the United States.


Racialicious is a conglomerate of bloggers and special correspondents, including Jessica Yee of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, who write incisive posts on the intersection of race and pop culture.
Comment:  Newspaper Rock covers Canada and Latin America too, and guest posts are rare. Other than that, good summary.

Anyway, I appreciate the note. Usually my blog doesn't get mentioned in roundups like this since I'm not Native.

For more on the subject, see Writing for Newspaper Rock.


dmarks said...

This blog is quite worthwhile, and has great poetry and documents Native videos and efforts to produce books:

However, as you can see from the link, it is closed now. This blog goes in and out its closed status. I hope the blogger opens it again.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Rob is not only non-Native. But it failed to mention that Rob literally reinstates racist stereotypes by "paraphrasing" the same racist stereotypes.

Racism begets racists--just like Rob.