March 02, 2012

NCAA punishes UND for "Fighting Sioux"

Incredibly, the battle to retire the University of North Dakota's "Fighting Sioux" nickname is still going on. I haven't reported every twist and turn, but here's the latest:

NCAA hands out punishment to North Dakota for use of nickname and image

By Geoff DischerThe NCAA doled out its punishments to North Dakota for resuming use of the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo in a letter addressed to the school’s provost, Dr. Paul LeBel, earlier Wednesday.

The most concern in hockey terms is that UND won’t be able to host a women’s hockey NCAA quarterfinal game.

According to the full release of the letter from the NCAA, further punishments for North Dakota include not being able to host any NCAA championship round. If North Dakota is selected as the lower-seeded team in any championship, the Sioux would be designated as the “home team” but would have to play their matchup at the higher seeded team’s venue.
Comment:  For more on the Fighting Sioux, see UND Foes Chant "Smallpox Blankets" and "Sioux Suck."

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