March 13, 2012

Memorial sought for Mankato 38

Push begins for memorial to those hanged in Dakota-US WarTo Vernell Wabasha, there's something missing in the markers and memorials that recall the Dakota-U.S. War.

Battles are noted and soldiers who "gallantly resisted two formidable and protracted assaults" are named at the Fort Ridgely monument. More recently, a buffalo symbolizing reconciliation sits at the spot of the Mankato executions that ended the conflict.

"They have markers all along the road about our savage Indians attacking white people," said Wabasha, who has been married to Ernest Wabasha, a hereditary Dakota chief, for 56 years.

What's missing, in the eyes of Vernell Wabasha and others, is a memorial remembering the 38 men who died together at 10 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 26, 1862. So they've set about designing one.
Comment:  For more on Mankato, see 150th Anniversary of US-Dakota War and Annual Ride for Mankato 38.

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