July 09, 2012

Children's book set on Wind River

New children's book's setting is Wind River reservationThe Wyoming State Historical Society has announced the release of a children's book titled "Elka," based on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

The group claims it to be a true story experienced by author Reba Teran and her family as she was growing up on the reservation.

The story's baby elk, adopted by the family, was the source of joy (and, yes, at times annoying) for the Teran kids, according to the publishers.

"Readers of all ages will delight in the exploits of Elka," according to a statement about the release. "The beautifully detailed and full color illustrations by artist Eileen Skibo add much to the text and bring a level of excitement and good cheer to the story.

"At first glance some readers may see this simply as a children's book but it is much more than that. The book draws upon the Shoshone tradition of the storyteller and every page includes some words and phrases in both the Shoshone and English languages, further enhanced by the Shoshone glossary."

"Elka" provides a window into life and childhood on the Wind River Indian Reservation in the 1960s and also is intended to represent both a contribution to the preservation of Shoshone culture and the communication of some of its elements to modern audiences beyond the reservation.
Comment:  I hope the author has some Shoshone advisors. Living on the reservation as a child 50 years ago probably doesn't make her a Shoshone expert.

For more on children's literature about Indians, see Brave Mr. Buckingham and Hanging from Jefferson's Nose.

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