July 18, 2012

Backtrack: The Scout's Story

Here's a book someone told me about:

Backtrack: The Scout's StoryBacktrack:The Scout's Story Book 1 of The Trackers Series Clairvoyant Trackers are valuable resources for the Government and law enforcement agencies due to their unique abilities to hunt criminals and missing persons using the specially developed powers of their minds. In the beliefs of many American Indians, experts at tracking game and enemies, the seventh child of a seventh child may be gifted with second sight and can be trained to become a Tracker. The Trackers Team members are the descendants of legendary Trackers from several different Indian tribes who possess the rare gift of second sight and its psychic powers. But one of them is an outlaw; one of them is a traitor. Noah Lightfoot, the youngest member of the elite psychic Trackers team, is a remote viewer with a photographic memory. He discovers an outlaw Indian who has been using highly-developed extrasensory powers for personal gain and murder by backtracking into the past to alter the present. Noah and the team of Native American Trackers must find the Outlaw and set time back on its natural course. Set in rural Northwest Florida, Backtrack highlights the customs and ceremonies of the Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians (with a foreword by Dr. Andrew Boggs Ramsey, Principal Chief of The Muskogee Nation).Comment:  The Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians? Not a recognized tribe, of course.

But the book sounds interesting: Native lore combined with a superhero or sci-fi type of story. I'll have to check it out.

For more on Indians and science fiction, see Ray Bradbury's Cherokee Influences and Justin Rain in Transmedia Defiance.

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