July 21, 2012

Touchstone trailer

THE TOUCHSTONE is a teen comedy about a student on a high school field trip who uncovers a relic that makes whoever has it irresistible to virgins, and the disastrous consequences that occur when he and his friends try to use it to get the girls of their dreams.

Wedgies, projectile vomiting, lusty nuns, and even a hedge hog all play a part in the hilarity that ensues when our hero Ryan uncovers a long-buried Native American fetish on Kickapoo Mountain, and brings it home. At first he gives it to his father, thinking it little more than a worthless rock, but when his father soon after is repeatedly mobbed by young girls, he begins to suspect something different.

Ryan enlists the help of two friends, school perv Justin and clueless dweeb Sean, and together they set out to learn the laws surrounding this newfound chick-magnet, intent on using it to get girls who otherwise wouldn't give them the time of day. It all comes to a head at a wild party that they crash, where one of them manages to get lucky for different reasons altogether, and the other two learn a valuable lesson in morality when faced with the very real prospect of seducing innocent girls who are powerless to resist them.
Comment:  Wow, this looks spectacularly bad. I'm not seeing any humor or even a plot here. It looks like a series of male fantasies disguised as a movie.

A Native fetish that makes men irresistable to women is your basic stupid stereotyping. Native objects don't have magical powers. If they did, this wouldn't be the power they'd have. It's a blatant insult to claim Natives used magic to rob people of their free will and turn them into sex slaves.

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