July 09, 2012

"Naked Indian" in Times Square

‘Naked Indian’ Joins Naked Cowboy in Times SquareTourists who’ve visited Times Square in New York City have undoubtedly witnessed the Naked Cowboy, a man clad in only a cowboy hat and briefs strumming a guitar and singing. He now has cheeky competition: Adam David, described as an “aspiring actor,” who struts around in a feather headdress and briefs and bangs a hand drum.

Yes, he calls himself The Naked Indian.

“No one was doing an Indian,” David told the New York Daily News. “[The Cowboy and I] have a word-of-mouth contract. This country was built on handshakes and word-of-mouth agreements. I don’t lose, I always win.”

Yet the Daily News report describes a showdown of sorts, with the Naked Cowboy insisting that the Naked Indian must join his team (Naked Cowboy Enterprises) or face a lawsuit.
Comment:  Another example of pure stereotyping and pure redface. How do people not understand that this is a mockery of Native cultures and an offense equivalent to blackface?

For more on the subject, see 13 Rock Stars in Headdresses and Off-Centered Stereotypical Headdress Logo.

Below:  "Naked Cowboy Robert Burck and Naked Indian Adam David posing in New York City's Times Square."

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