August 18, 2012

Christian curriculum praises Trail of Tears

Bible-Based Curriculum Says the Trail of Tears Was a Path to ChristLouisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s voucher program to privatize public education has come under fire recently for spending state tax dollars to teach Bible-based curriculum. An August 7 post on, a news outlet covering the 2012 elections, took a look at the program and 14 “wacky facts” kids will learn under the state’s new program.

One of those “facts” is that “God used the Trail of Tears to bring many Indians to Christ.” The tidbit comes from a 1994 A Beka Book, which offers Christian education materials, titled America: Land I Love.
Comment:  This gets a Stereotype of the Month nomination because it implies Indians were like children who needed to be raised from savagery to civilization. No, they didn't.

For more on the subject, see Oklahoma License-Plate Challenge Dismissed and Christian Flyer Calls Lakota Rite "Satanic."

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Anonymous said...

Most Cherokees were already Christian! Urrgh, the stupidity.