August 16, 2012

UFOs = Navajo fact of life

Paranormal Files of the Navajo Rangers

By Alejandro RojasWhen I asked Dover if the Navajo people generally believe in things such as UFOs, he says he doesn't like the term "belief," because it is akin to saying you believe something without evidence. "In these cases people have seen enough [UFOs], [UFOs] that have landed, [UFOs] that have flown over, so often that it is just a fact of life." Dover and Milford have had enough UFO cases that they have often sought the help of the Arizona chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, the largest civilian UFO investigation organization in the U.S.

Some of these cases have been quite startling. Dover and Milford say that in one case a young woman said she was followed by a glowing orb while driving home at night. When she arrived home she saw what appeared to be a large rabbit where she usually parks. She ran inside and went to sleep, only to awaken with a headache. Upon examination of the car, the Rangers found electromagnetic effects which ran through the car right where the driver would have been sitting.

Even more exciting was the case of an old man who lives way out in the desert by himself. He saw what appeared to be a strange craft land and several entities come out of it. These beings came over and examined his house. The Rangers found him to be very credible, and they found strange circular pits in the ground around his house. The witness said the holes were not there before the incident.

Not all of these events have been UFO-related. Milford went on a ghost investigation where he witnessed coins drop from the air, a common occurrence in this location which is believed to be haunted. He says several of these coins fell on him. There were no indications that there were vents or holes in the roof where the coins could have come from. They just seemed to manifest out of nowhere.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see UFO Sightings in Indian Country and Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Paranormal Society.

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