September 21, 2011

Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Paranormal Society

Ghosts!  Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate Paranormal Society Delves into the Spirit World

By Stephanie WoodardWilson explained the group’s modi operandi, which have evolved through weekly visits to this and other sites, including businesses, public buildings and private homes. He told us to take lots of pictures, but not to feel we had to set up the shots or even focus. Just shoot, he said, then review the photos to see what’s in them. As we wandered around snapping pictures—most of us sticking close to Wilson—he’d say from time to time that he felt spirits gathering. We’d stop, and he’d turn on his digital voice recorder and ask who was present and how they were feeling. A few minutes later, he’d hit playback.

Here’s what I observed: When Wilson said spirits were around us, I was usually feeling chilled, as though I’d swum into a cool spot in a lake. During playback of the dozen or so recordings he made that night, I could hear responses between his questions that I hadn’t heard with my unaided ear. These auditory occurrences are often called electronic voice phenomena. For example: A breathy child’s voice whispered, “Take me home.” Another hissed in response to a question about whether anyone was hungry, “Give me candy!” One voice introduced itself as what I think was “Madrid,” with the accent on the first syllable. I also noticed that if any of us had been talking in the background or moving around during one of these recordings, I heard that in the playback as well.
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