September 14, 2011

"Girls on the Run" at Rosebud

USD Track & Field standout brings running to Rosebud

By Erik ThorstensonThe "Girls on the Run" program is aimed at developing pre-teen girls in a positive way by introducing them to running.

USD senior track and field athlete Alexa Duling wanted to bring the program to the Rosebud Indian Resevervation near her hometown of Gregory.

And she got it done.
And:During her sophmore year, Duling was a volunteer with the Vermillion chapter of "Girls on the Run". She came up with a plan to bring the program to Rosebud, but was told by the regional and national coordinators that it would never work.

Duling "I called her more times than I can count, and I know there was sometimes where she didn't want to answer the line because she knew it was me on the other line."

But her persistence paid off, and Duling created the first summer program of "Girls on the Run" ever in Rosebud. After the full 10 weeks, the group even did a 5k run.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Documentary on Sacred Runs.

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