September 22, 2011

Big Miracle trailer

'Big Miracle' ('Everybody Loves Whales') trailer releasedNow, the first trailer for "Big Miracle," the movie formerly known as "Everybody Loves Whales" starring John Krasinski and Drew Barrymore that takes place and was actually filmed in Alaska, has been released.

The film tells the true story--with some artistic liberties, as made apparent by the trailer--of three gray whales stranded in the Arctic ice above Barrow, Alaska. Krasinski plays a journalist looking for a story, and Barrymore plays an environmental activist and Krasinski's ex-girlfriend.
Comment:  The name change is terrible; Everybody Loves Whales is much more intriguing and enticing. The movie looks like Disney hokum, which means it probably won't win any Oscars. And there are no obvious Native characters or cultural bits.

For more on Big Miracle (Everybody Loves Whales), see Inupiat Extra in Everybody Loves Whales and Real Conflict in Everybody Loves Whales.

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