September 23, 2011

Means's tumor has shrunk

Russell Means Updates His Condition:  Tumor Diminished Significantly

By Levi RickertIn July, legendary American Indian Member leader, Russell Means, Lakota, was diagnosed with esophagus cancer and elected not have surgery which would have required removal of a major portion of his tongue.

Means is currently undergoing extensive tomotherapy, an intensity modulated radiation treatment, at the Sunridge Medical Wellness Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.
And in a letter from Means himself:I just received good news, the tumor in my throat has diminished significantly. I have my voice back and my ability to swallow is back up to around 90 percent (coming from about zero, for a while only water could get through).

So please continue those prayers and keep that love coming my way because in the end you are all part of the Great Mystery.
Evidence that Means is thinking ahead:

John Trudell, Russell Means Join Maidu at Indigenous Peoples Days

By Tsi Akim Maidu TribeIn a rare public appearance, long time Native American political activists John Trudell and Russell Means will join local Tsi Akim Maidu tribal members and native leaders at the 12th annual Indigenous Peoples Days. They and Q'ero healers from Peru, Maori of New Zealand, and Hopi of Arizona will gather with native and non native people to focus on 'healing soul wounds', learn about local native history, and honor native language and culture through ceremony, discussion circles, traditional music and dance.

The four day event takes place Friday, October 7 through Monday, October 10 at a variety of venues in the Grass Valley-Nevada City area. Public events Saturday through Monday will be at Sycamore Ranch Park, midway between Grass Valley and Marysville. All events except the John Trudell concert are free and open to the public.
Comment:  For more on Russell Means, see Banks Visits Ailing Means and Russell Means Has Terminal Cancer.

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Anonymous said...

You have to think ahead. If you let the cancer take control of your life, you'll just give up.

Despite how I feel about Means, I wish him the best. Here's to hoping that tumor reaches a mass of zero nanograms.