September 27, 2011

"Save the White Race!" sticker

University of Montana Deals With Racism Against Native American StudentsOn Monday, September 19 when students arrived at the University of Montana’s Payne Family Native American Center—a place built on the campus in Missoula, Montana to foster understanding of Natives by non-Native students—a sticker declaring “Save the White Race! Earth’s Most Endangered Species” was discovered.

The sticker was immediately removed from the recycling entrance, but the reverberations are still felt by the university’s Native students.

“Initially the students were angry, shocked and disheartened. They wanted some action taken,” said Fredricka Hunter, director of American Indian Student Services (AISS) for the university and member of the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana. “It was an obvious act of blatant racism.”

According to the Missoulian, the sticker bore the web address of the Montana Creators, “a pro-white organization that is dedicated to the survival, expansion and advancement of the White race—and it alone,” reads the site.
Comment:  Amazing that these white supremacist crybabies are willing to air their racism in public. "Boo-hoo! We're not quite as dominant as we used to be! Don't these 'mud people' understand that we're the master race?!"

They don't even try to make a rational argument. They might as well state their racist credo explicitly: "We're superior and deserve to be in charge because we're white."

As always, this incident is the tip of the iceberg. We can see their slightly less racist brethren operating throughout the Republican Tea Party. For instance:

Affirmative-action bake sale
Teabaggers seek white Christian rule
Rick Perry promotes Christian bigotry
Stossel:  Indians are biggest moochers
Fischer:  Indians were thieves

For more on the subject, see Whites Think They're Discriminated Against, "Symmetrical View" of Race Is Wrong, and Whites Feel Like a Minority.

Below:  "Tribal representatives at the May 2010 opening ceremony lined up outside the Payne Family Native American Center."


Anonymous said...

These "Creators" are certainly creative in their eisegesis. First, Jews are evil. Descended from Satan. The true Israelites are either the British or white Aryans in general. (This actually mutated from a 19th-century British Zionist view of Jews and Britons as distant cousins, with the royal family descended from the House of David.)

The rest of us? "Mud people", soulless golems. At worst, unwitting pawns of the Jews. Not "allies" of the whites per se (unlike in certain fundamentalist Mormon groups, where Indians will put down a rebellion by blacks), but normally, they'd let us live. Of course, with white supremacists, you can't expect them to ever be internally consistent.

dmarks said...

It's the same mindset I've found in countless Pat Buchanan columns.