September 07, 2011

Banks visits ailing Means

Dennis Banks Visits an Ailing Russell Means

By Levi RickertDuring the 1970s, Dennis Banks, Ojibwa, and Russell Means, Lakota, emerged as two of the American Indian Movement's most recognizable leaders. Some could argue they have been the most visible and vocal American Indian leaders during the past half-century.

Over the ensuing decades, both men have remained fighters for American Indian rights.

Both men were together again in New Mexico last week Thursday, as Means is in the fight for his life. In July he was diagnosed with esophagus cancer and elected not have surgery which would have required removal of a major portion of his tongue.

Banks flew to Albuquerque and traveled to visit to see Means at his rural home near San Jose, New Mexico.

“He is a fighter. He is in the battle with cancer and seeking alternative healing,” Banks told the Native News Network Friday evening.

“He is still very strong--strong-minded, and robust as ever,” Banks continued.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Russell Means Has Terminal Cancer and Longest Walk 3--Reversing Diabetes.


ToosieJoie said...

I am curently a grad student studying AIM. I am proud of what Dennis Banks, Russell Means and the others have and continue to do. I will say a pray for Rusell Means that a miracle cures him.

dmarks said...

If only Means would stop the antisemitism, and the stunts like the phony "Republic of Lakotah" declaration, which, if brought to fruition, would crush many Native tribes/nations.