September 03, 2011

Jerod Tate wins Emmy

Chickasaw Composer Receives Emmy for Musical Scientific Experiment

By Patti Jo KingFor years, scientists have suspected that science and music are closely connected. In 2010, seven scientists from the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation under the direction of Chickasaw composer Jerod Tate, set out to prove the theory. The scientists were given ten days to compose and arrange original musical compositions before the pieces were performed by a string quartet before a live audience.

The amazing experiment was filmed by the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) for its “State of Creativity” series. The final product, a documentary entitled “The Science of Composing,” won the team an Emmy award.
Comment:  Unless I missed something, the article doesn't say what the "scientific experiment" actually was. Asking a scientist to create music isn't a scientific experiment. It isn't even an experiment except in the loosest sense of the word.

For more on Jerod Tate, see First Indian Chamber Music Festival and Classical Album by Chickasaw Students.

Below:  "Chickasaw classical composer Jerod Tate and OETA Deputy Director Bill Perry at the Heartland Regional Emmy Awards ceremony in Oklahoma City. The two received Emmys for their work on the documentary, The Sciences of Composing."

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