September 14, 2011

Perry's "Response" broke cannibal curse?!

Jacobs:  'The Response' Broke The Curse Of Native American Cannibals

By Brian TashmanAs we’ve been reporting, self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs has dedicated her show God Knows to discussing how lands are cursed by sins like abortion, adultery and homosexuality, calling on Christians to literally take control over the weather and reverse the curse. In the fourth part of the series, Jacobs claims that lands are cursed with violence because they were previously inhabited by Native Americans who “did blood sacrifice” and “were cannibals and they ate people.”

Fortunately, Jacobs maintains, Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally in Houston broke the curse and “the land is starting to rejoice, you see, because of that prayer.”

This concept of curses left by Native Americans has a large foothold in the New Apostolic Reformation, and today Bruce Wilson reported that NAR figures Chuck Pierce, John Benefiel, Tom Schlueter and Jay Swallow recently participated in an event in Teas that involved “smashing of Native American art objects” in order to “divorce and tear down the principalities of Baal, Asherah and Leviathan.” Like Benefiel and Swallow, Jacobs was an official endorser of The Response.

Here's the complete quote:You study the area and you find out what happened? What did the indigenous people worship? If they did blood sacrifice, like we found some areas that were very, very violent because the former culture was a murderous, violent area, like in Texas here and all of the coast around Houston and Galveston and some of that area, the Native American people were cannibals and they ate people. And so you can see a manifestation of that in the churches where people turned against people and kind of cannibalized other people’s ministries. So there’s been a lot of prayer over that in Houston, Texas, they’ve done a lot of intercession over that and broke the curses on the land. We just had a prayer meeting in Houston a little a week ago, the governor of Texas, really as an individual instigated this, and 35,000 people showed up to pray and it was only a prayer meeting called within three months, three month period of time. So what happened? The land is starting to rejoice, you see, because of that prayer.Comment:  Wow. We knew these people--conservative Christian Tea Party Republicans--were bigots and racists. Their views range from mild--blacks don't quite fit in--to extreme--Latinos/Jews/Muslims/Indians/gays are trying to take over and impose their monstrous one-world agenda on us.

Even so, it's amazing to see their prejudice so nakedly displayed. Because the Aztecs and a few others practiced human sacrifice, thousands of cultures spread over tens of thousands of years are evil. According to these racists, Indians are devil-worshiping demons from hell. When we broke our treaties with them, rounded them up like cattle, and massacred them, they only got what they deserved. When you're faced with rabid dogs and mass-murdering Indians, all you can do is exterminate them.

Why Perry is no. 1

Jacobs isn't just some fringe figure. She endorsed Rick Perry's event and he accepted her endorsement. He proudly attended the event knowing people like Jacobs and Bryan Fischer were behind it. And Rick Perry is the leading Republican candidate for president in the polls.

Perry isn't the most popular Republican candidate these days despite his racist supporters. He's the most popular Republican candidate these days because of his racist supporters. When he attacks Social Security, illegal immigration, or global warming--when he talks about everyone he's executed under "Texas justice"--his supporters know what he means. He's protecting "us" from "them"--the brown-skinned un-American "traitors" who would destroy our way of life.

In other words, he's telling white Christian conservatives that he understands their racist fears. He'll man the barricades against the minorities, liberals, secularists, and "elitists" who would force "his" people to give up their privileged positions. He'll make sure that "equal protection under the law" doesn't apply to anyone except the "right" people. You know, Sarah Palin's "real" Americans.

And where are the Limbaughs and Becks on this issue? Has anyone in the right-wing media denounced Cindy Jacobs for her racist screed against Indians? No, of course not. Pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck share Jacobs's views. They've each made racist assertions many times before.

This is standard dogma in the Republican Tea Party: that blacks, Latinos, and other minorities are inferior. That they're poor and uninsured only because they're lazy, good-for-nothing bus. Jacobs has simply said what others think: that dark-skinned minorities have equally dark souls.

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Below:  How conservative Christians see Indians. How they see all minorities, really.


PK Campbell said...

I agree that Rick Perry should in no way associate himself with people who think like this woman. I personally would be terrified to have him as President. But I heard on NPR-from his own lips-that he believes the children of undocumented immigrants should be allowed to go to college and pay in-state tuition in Texas under the motto that "Regardless of your last name, in the United States you deserve an equal education." It's not enough to make me vote for him, but it's enough to make me feel an iota more respect for him than I did before. Unless he was lying, which is entirely possible.

dmarks said...

PK: I agree.

The children in question are full American citizens. Some, like Michelle Bachmann, want these Americans stripped of their rights or even kicked out of their country because their parents are suspected of having violated one Federal statute.

This is ugly, mean-spirited, and not only violates the 14th Amendment, but doubly violates due process.

Anonymous said...

And isn't cannibalism more in places where, you know, they don't eat much protein anyway? The classic place for cannibalism is Papua New Guinea, a region that derives most of its calories from agriculture. Which wouldn't be a problem, if they had domesticated cereals or pulses. Instead, their main crops are yams, taro, and sugarcane.

dmarks: It's Michele. One L. But yeah, she's the type who actually thinks women are coming over here to have babies so that they can go back to Mexico and, when those babies become adults, those babies can petition that the parents they never met can become citizens, a process which takes over a decade.