August 15, 2012

Chef Wolfman's Aboriginal fusion

Chef Wolfman's Aboriginal fusion inspires Native restaurantsChef David Wolfman is a culinary arts professor at George Brown College in Toronto and the star of his own TV show Cooking with the Wolfman, which just wrapped its 8th season. He has made a career out of developing new ways of cooking traditional Aboriginal foods and in the process creating a new food trend: Aboriginal fusion.

Trailbreakers host Don Kelly talks with the chef about how he infuses his cooking with advice on healthy eating, exploring Aboriginal foods and practicing what he preaches by taking his techniques out into the community.
Comment:  I gather Trailbreakers is a radio show. Follow the link to listen to the Wolfman interview.

The article goes on to list several Canadian restaurants that specialize in Native dishes.

For more on Native food, see Owners Plan to Franchise Tocabe and Navajo Runs Turkish Restaurant in San Francisco.

Below:  Wolfman and Kelly.

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