April 05, 2013

Hundt: "Redskins" is indecent

Former FCC officials: Washington Redskins name ‘indecent’

By Brooks BoliekThe Washington Redskins name, long accused by many of being an offensive moniker to Native Americans, may also be flat-out indecent, according to some former FCC officials and public interest advocates.

In a letter to Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, former Commissioners Jonathan Adelstein and Nicholas Johnson, and others contend that an indecency case could be made against broadcasters who air the offensive name.

“It is impermissible under law that the FCC would condone, or that broadcasters would use, obscene pornographic language on live television,” they write. “This medium uses government owned airwaves in exchange for an understanding that it will promote the public interest. Similarly, it is inappropriate for broadcasters to use racial epithets as part of normal, everyday reporting.”

Never using the team’s name, they chastise broadcasters for using a name that is equivalent to the “n-word.”
And:Hundt also pens an op-ed in The Washington Post saying broadcasters have the power to force Snyder’s hand.

“If broadcasters follow their tradition, they will insist that Snyder no longer put them in the intolerable position of using a derogatory term to describe his team," Hundt writes.
Comment:  For more on the Washington Redskins, see House Bill Challenges Redskins Trademark and Cooperstown Changes "Redskins" with Oneida Help.

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