April 05, 2013

Michaels in Project Runway finals

‘Project Runway’ native designer Patricia Michaels makes final 4

By Roscoe PondPatricia struggled throughout this episode because she was teamed with Richard who just wasn’t a seamstress. She admitted that she changed her design numerous times & got rid of the art factor. She had to teach Richard how to do a French stitch which took 45 minutes. She hit the panic button. Daniel was nice enough to ask Samantha to help Patricia at the last minute.

The judges called Patricia’s design “Element of surprise,” “Loved the one shoulder,” “Needed a belt,” “Good palette,” “Good look,” “Not finished,” “Didn’t see enough.” Nina however in discussion praised Patricia later for, “Not following other designers,” “Showed us things we haven’t seen before,” “She doesn’t copy anyone.” Jordana said Patricia “Tells a story with her design.” Heidi also added, “Patricia is authentic,” “It comes from her,” “A Champion.”

Native American designer Patricia Michaels has made it to the final 4 on “Project Runway.” She will face yet another challenge, a new judge & more fashion designs.
Comment:  For more on Patricia Michaels, see Michaels Remains in Project Runway and Michaels's Design in Project Runway.

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