March 04, 2013

Michaels remains in Project Runway

Native designer Patricia Michaels popular on ‘Project Runway’

By Roscoe Pond"Project Runway" is now in its 11th season airing each Thursday night on the ‘Lifetime’ cable TV network (9/8 p.m.). The first Native American fashion designer Patricia Michaels has moved through each round with concentration & hard work. Last week in the 6th episode she was forced to recreate her design for a chosen elderly female just hours before the runway. Patricia faltered & received some low scores by the judges, but was saved by her team Michelle & Layana with their higher scores. Host Heidi Klume told all three that they didn’t work as a team. Which means that either Patricia wasn’t listening or the other two just didn’t want to help her? Michelle has become the outspoken & complaining contestant this season. She’s been aggressively targeting Patricia with her jealousy & anger. Patricia has never said anything mean about anyone. She is very mature & is seen on camera as someone who wants to learn from a great opportunity.

This season is about team work & that is how the judges are voting on all fashion designs. According to the official website of “Project Runway,” that is linked to their ‘Facebook’ page. Here are the stats on popular ‘Likes’ by fans of the TV Fashion show. This is based on the recent team consisting of Layana Aguilar, Michelle Lesniak, [and] Patricia Michaels. Layana has 363, Michelle has 908, [and] Patricia has 2,300.
Comment:  For more on Patricia Michaels, see Michaels's Designs in Project Runway and Taos Designer in Project Runway.

Below:  "Patricia Michaels design for Country singer Miranda Lambert."

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