March 26, 2013

NIGA 2013 (Day 2)

For once we made it to the trade show on time to see the opening ceremony. The celebrities there to cut the ribbon included Evander Holyfield, Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Adam Beach, and Billy Mills.

I took an early break to meet Greg Burgas, a comic-book critic whose columns I read. We met in front of the convention center, where a "sacred lands" protest was taking place. Over Starbucks coffee, we talked about Indians and comics.

Back on the floor, I stopped by a neighboring booth to see Peter MacDonald, the former chairman of the Navajo Nation. He's now president of a codetalker foundation and was there to represent them. We talked briefly about his working at Hughes in Culver City, my home town.

With Chad and Lucy, a Facebook friend who volunteered to help us, we had people to spare at the booth. Therefore, I was able to take an initial cruise around the floor with Lucy. After that, we spent most of the day in the booth.

After the show closed, we headed to the Sheraton Hotel to see Victor speak to the "Emerging Leaders of Gaming." On the way there, we met filmmaker Steven Lewis Simpson, who soon joined us.

I went with Victor to a celebration that evening at the Copper Blues bar, but soon returned to the hotel. For dinner we had a nice salad via room service.

Pix of the day:

NIGA (Day 2)--March 26, 2013

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