March 27, 2013

NIGA 2013 (Day 3)

As we headed over to the trade show floor, Chad and I were distracted by a spectacle: public art made of tin cans. We inspected that for half an hour before heading to our booth.

Victor and Lucy were there, so Chad and I took a walk around the floor. Chad picked up some insurance literature for his new business venture. We spotted Billy Mills at his booth and chatted with him for a bit. Chad bought some Southwest jewelry for the women in his life.

We returned to the booth and spent the rest of the abbreviated day there. Several gaming celebs and a few entertainment celebs (activist Sonny Skyhawk and filmmaker Steven Lewis Simpson, again) came by. Peter MacDonald the former Navajo chairman and Dennis Banks the AIM activist were nearby, forming a mini-celebrity row in the 1500 aisle.

We were supposed to meet someone for dinner, but everyone took off and so did we. After a long drive to Victor's house and a shorter drive to my house, the trip was over.

Pix of the day:

NIGA (Day 3)--March 27, 2013
Driving home from NIGA--March 27, 2013

And a little about the events and awards we didn't see:

National Indian Gaming Association draws crowd to Arizona

For more on NIGA, see NIGA 2013 (Day 2) and NIGA 2013 (Day 1)

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