April 17, 2013

Jonah Hex's final wife

A posting about Jonah Hex's return from a post-apocalpytic future notes his eventual marriage to a Native woman, Tall Bird:

Abandoned Love: Jonah Hex Is Stuck in the Future!

By Brian CroninFleisher used Secret Origins #21 to have Hex’s second wife (who is now a very old woman) explain that yeah, Hex came back.Here's the full story:

Jonah Hex--DeathJonah Hex continued to act as a bounty hunter until the age of 66 in 1904, when he was married to a Native American woman named Tall Bird. His life story was documented by Michael Wheeler. The entertainer L.B. Farnham approached him to become part of a Wild West Revue show in his old age, but Hex angrily refused to let them turn him into a sideshow. Hex's last bounty was a gang run by bank robber George Barrow; he succeeded in wiping them out, but Barrow returned for revenge several days later. Playing cards in a Cheyenne saloon, Hex was murdered with Barrow's double-barreled shotgun while fumbling to put on his spectacles. His death was immediately avenged by the lawman Hank Crawford who gunned down the unarmed Barrow in cold blood. In his dying moments, Hex hallucinated and reflected on the life that he'd lived.

Tall Bird and Wheeler attempted to give Jonah a proper Native American burial, but they were robbed at gunpoint by Farnham and an accomplice. Farnham had Wheeler shot and the widow left unconscious to die in a house fire while he stole Hex's corpse for his Wild West Revue. Jonah Hex was taxidermized to be put on display permanently in a gaudy outfit, and the two evil men meet their ends, but his body was transported from location to location. His final resting place was as a dummy at a Westworld theme park. Eventually he was discovered by historians, but Tall Bird s revealed to have survived the fire and she claimed his body. She did an interview with a young scholar to fill in the missing details in her husband's life, but they were assaulted by a Western memorabilia collector who demanded to have the corpse at any cost. The evil collector was shot in the back before he could murder them, and it is implied that Jonah Hex's vengeful spirit returned to protect his wife from beyond the grave.
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