May 09, 2013

Amanda Berry's mother was Native

Cleveland Urban Indian Center Assisted Amanda Berry's Mother in Search

By Levi RickertThe executive director of the American Indian Center in Cleveland, Robert Roche, Chiricahua Apache, remembers being involved with the search for Amanda Berry soon after she was kidnapped.

Berry was one of three women who were rescued on Monday evening in Cleveland.

“Help me. I'm Amanda Berry. I've been kidnapped, and I've been missing for 10 years,” she frantically told a 911 dispatcher on Monday evening. The case has garnered worldwide since Monday.

Berry was abducted a decade ago after she left her shift at a Burger King on April 21, 2003. She was abducted one day before her 17th birthday.

“We got involved from the beginning. She lived close by. The Burger King where she worked was only about a block from her home,” said Roche told the Native News Network.

“A friend of her mother's brought it to my attention that Amanda's mother was American Indian. That is really all I needed to know to get involved.”
Comment:  For more on violence against women, see A Red Girl's Reasoning and VAWA Passes Over Conservative Objections.

Below:  "Robert Roche–Chiricahua Apache."

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