May 13, 2013

Muscogee Creek codetalker medal

Muscogee Creek Tribe Code Talkers Medal Designs Reviewed

By Michael ZielinskiThe Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) recently reviewed design alternatives for a Congressional Gold Medal to be issued honoring the Code Talkers of the Muscogee Creek Nation.

Under the Navajo Code Talkers Congressional Gold Medal Act passed in 2000, the Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to Navajo Code Talkers for their contributions during World War II. Under the Code Talkers Recognition Act of 2008, additional tribes will be recognized for their contributions during World War I and World War II. As of late January 2013, an updated list of Native American Code Talkers who served in the armed forces during both wars has grown to include 32 different tribes. So far, the CFA and CCAC have reviewed design alternatives for medals honoring 12 of these tribes.
Comment:  I gather the Treasury hasn't decided on a design yet. The article shows the alternatives for the obverse and reverse sides.

Two groups voted on these designs. The groups recommended a different design for each side. I'd go with the CCAC's choices--the ones described as getting the highest vote totals. They're shown below.

For more on the codetalkers, see Codetalker Congressional Gold Medals.

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