August 15, 2013

Mark of the Mississippians e-book

Cahokia Mounds worth the visit—even if it's virtual

By Paul WoodYou should see the real thing in person, but new digital projects can help you explore Cahokia Mounds in the digital world.

There were tens of thousands of American Indians in a lost civilization on both sides of the Mississippi, centering on Collinsville, which is 165 miles southwest of Champaign.

You can interact with their virtual life in "Mark of the Mississippians," the first in a three-volume interactive e-book series about North America's past, now available for iPad users.

The new interactive book examines four Mississippian culture centers: Cahokia; Moundville, Ala.; Etowah, Ga.; and Spiro, Okla.
Comment:  For more on Cahokia, see Half-Naked Drummer Dressed as "Indian" and "6 Ridiculous Lies" About Indians.

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