August 05, 2013

Seminole match between disabled fighters halted

State stops controversial MMA fightA controversial Mixed Martial Arts fight between two fighters living with disabilities is canceled just minutes before the match.

One of the fighters has down syndrome and the other cerebral palsy. The state stepped in and shut it down claiming it was unsanctioned. On of the fighter's fathers say it's discrimination.

That fight was set to take place at the Seminole Casino in Immokalee. It's something both of these men told me on Friday was a dream come true. Now they are fighting to find a way back into the ring.

It was a fight that was supposed to be a first of its kind. One both Garrett Holeve, 23, and David Steffin, 28, had been dreaming of, but five minutes before the first punch, the state presented the promoter with a cease and desist letter.
Comment:  Just because tribes can do this kind of fight doesn't mean they should.

For more on Native martial arts, see Assiniboine Sioux in Fight Master and Walla Walla MMA Fighter.

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