August 17, 2013

Math games based on ND tribes

Former Jamestown College prof bases games on N.D. tribes

By Charly HaleyAnnMaria De Mars says her math skills have helped her enjoy a great life.

So now, the former Jamestown College professor is working on a way to teach math to children while incorporating Native American history, as told by the natives themselves.

And she wants it to be fun.

As the CEO of 7 Generation Games, based in Santa Monica, Calif., De Mars has been working with members of North Dakota’s Spirit Lake and Turtle Mountain reservations to develop computer games that take students on virtual journeys where they have to incorporate math skills into the life of Native Americans hundreds of years ago, before European colonization.
Comment:  For more on Native video games, see Upper One Games and Native Values in Assassin's Creed 3.

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