April 26, 2014

Bundy the conservative racist

Not surprisingly, Cliven Bundy the welfare cowboy turned out to be a racist. The media has been overflowing with the news this week. Some examples with a few comments from me:

UPDATED: Cliven Bundy Muses On What He Knows 'About The Negro'

Conservatives begin backing away after Cliven Bundy’s remarks disparaging ‘the Negro’

Conservative Pundit Dana Loesch: All Bundy Needed Was Some Media Training!

Use code-words, dummy! Don't name the people you're denigrating openly! C'mon, that's Republican Race-Baiting 101!

Republicans Blast Nevada Rancher for Failing to Use Commonly Accepted Racial Code Words

Militia Supporters Rally Around Bundy: 'Rumors' Won't Keep A 'Good Man' Down

Some of his best friends are Negroes!

Government = slavery?

Not Sorry: Bundy Spends Another 20 Minutes Rambling About 'The Negro'

Cliven Bundy’s Racist (On Video) Rant Is Nothing New For Conservatives Who Praise Slavery

Coulter, Bachmann, Santorum, and Buchanan are among the mainstream Republicans who think Negroes might've been better off under slavery than under welfare.

CNN Asks Cliven Bundy: ‘How are You Not a Welfare Queen in a Cowboy Hat?’ (Video)

Racist domestic terrorist and freeloading welfare cowboy!

Lawless Rancher's Slavery Comments Echo Conservative Media Rhetoric

Again, conservatives are denouncing Bundy for saying explicitly what they believe implicitly. To them, telling the truth about conservative racism is a Bozo no-no.

You can't say you support Cliven Bundy except for his racist views. He's anti-government because he's anti-minority and vice versa. ‪#‎racism‬

Conservatives love racists

The funniest part of this is how so many conservatives loved Bundy until his anti-government (racist) views became clear.

7 worst right-wing moments of the week—Conservatives overdose on Bundy

The Nevada rancher sends more shockwaves through right-wing media, making fools out of Hannity and Alex Jones

By Janet Allon
1. Cliven Bundy: Black people were better off as slaves. Now, they put themselves in jail.

That Cliven Bundy turned out to be a colossal racist is not a hugely surprising twist ending to the ridiculous Hannity/Bundy love affair, media circus and saga that was such a marvel to behold this week. If there is a more perfect example of Fox and the right being exposed as the utterly backward haters they are, we cannot imagine it. The greatest fiction writer in the world would be hard-pressed to come up with a more airtight scenario. Truth cannot only be stranger than fiction; it can be more satirical than satire itself.

Still, Sean Hannity was shocked—shocked, I tell you—that a man who had previously said perfectly reasonable things, like he did not believe in the existence of the federal government, the face of which just happens to be a black man, turned out also to harbor morally repugnant views about race.

Seething hate even Fox News can’t deny: Cliven Bundy is not an outlier

There should be no surprise here: GOP thinking is that government "free stuff" is a form of slavery

By Arthur Goldwag
No, all right wingers are not racists, but if you open your ears and listen to what the fringe hate groups that even the likes of Sean Hannity and Fox News can’t deny are racist are saying, if you take the time to read some of their broadsides and books (and especially their footnotes and bibliographies), you would realize two things.

First, that that there is a not-so-golden thread running through American history that connects a certain brand of White Protestant Supremacism with a broad trend of rural populism.

Second, that a lot of modern mainstream Republican wisdom comes down to pretty much exactly what Cliven Bundy said—that a dependence on the “free stuff” that the government hands out is just a more insidious form of slavery.

“The specter of slavery,” I wrote in my book “The New Hate,” “has been a perennial theme in American political polemics, from rants against the British during the run-up to the Revolutionary War to Henry Ford’s International Jew.” Here’s Herman Cain, back in 2011: “Our tax code is the 21st century version of slavery. The IRS has become the overseer of the American people.” And here’s former U.S. Representative Allen West, in 2012: “the Democratic appetite for ever-increasing redistributionary handouts is in fact the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today, and it does not promote economic freedom.” Both of those guys are black, so they couldn’t be racist, right?
Another Native comparison

Conservatives, or at least Bundy's daughter, are still trying to compare Bundy to Indians:

Cliven Bundy’s Daughter Condemns Sean Hannity for Denouncing Daddy’s Racism

By John PragerShiree Bundy-Cox, daughter of domestic terrorist and “not-racist” Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy, broke her “silence” to strongly condemn Sean Hannity for his decision to stop supporting her father, who feels that “negroes” sit around lazily on their porch collecting welfare benefits and “wonders” if they might be better off picking cotton as field slaves.

To state the obvious, America's Indians and Germany Jews had a legal and moral right to be where they were. Bundy the welfare cowboy does not have a legal or moral right to graze his cows on federal land. Not for free, anyway.

In other words, the comparison fails. In simplified form, Indians and Jews = legal. Bundy = illegal.

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