April 24, 2014

Little Mix singer in a headdress

Perrie Edwards Called 'Racist' for Wearing Native American Headdress

By Wendy MichaelsPerrie Edwards is under fire, being called a racist for pics showing the Little Mix star wearing a Native American headdress. Did she learn nothing from Harry Styles' same mistake?

That would be a big, fat no, as fans were on the attack after Perrie was spotted wearing the headdress in a couple of Instagram pics, prompting a flood of comments, such as gems like: "Perrie Edwards stop being racist, recognise your mistakes and apologise" and "PERRIE EDWARDS PLS STOP BEING RACIST."
Perrie Edwards Causes Major Controversy With Her Recent Instagram Photo

More appropriations

Writer Dani Miller notes similar problems in a Last Real Indians column:

Native Appropriation Soup: Pac Sun, Harry Styles and Ralph Lauren Latest OffendersSexualizing native women is also another dynamic of conquest. Pac Sun sold Yeezus shirts and has now taken things a step further by selling shirts with a sexualized Native woman (from the brand Riot Society).While it is tiresome, we must continue to hold these corporations accountable for their acts of appropriation. What we allow is what will continue, and even with all the corrections of other influential companies it seems privilege is still flexing its muscles. While it is disheartening our Native communities are the ones having the last laugh by continuing to persevere. The minor act of existing is a political statement, showing that we were never conquered, WE ARE STILL HERE. No matter how many petty assertions of conquest are attempted via clothing.Comment:  For more on the subject, see Alessandra Ambrosio in a Headdress and One Direction Singer in a Headdress.

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