April 03, 2014

Throat singer threatened over "sealfie"

Tanya Tagaq #sealfie provokes anti-sealing activists

'It's just complete harassment. It's not OK,' says the throat-singer and performerMusician Tanya Tagaq posted a picture of her baby next to a dead seal near her home town of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, and got more than she bargained for in return.

"It became quite hurtful,” Tagaq said. “Right now, actually there's a woman who has my picture up on her Twitter and the things that people are saying about myself and my baby. It's just complete harassment. It's not OK."

Tagaq said she doesn't know the woman. She says the woman posted an online petition to have Tagaq's children taken from her.

Tagaq said she's not considering legal action against the online harassment.
Inuit #SEALFIE trend sparks death threats for throat singer Tanya Tagaq

Comment:  For more on the subject, see "Sealfies" vs. Ellen's Selfie.

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