April 28, 2014

Sterling: Don't bring blacks to games

Cliven Bundy the welfare cowboy must've been overjoyed to find himself bumped out of the news this week. Clippers owner Donald Sterling took his place with a racist and sexist tirade caught on tape.

A sampling of Sterling postings, with my comments:

Report: Clippers owner Donald Sterling caught on tape telling his girlfriend to not bring African-Americans to 'my games'

Clippers owner Donald Sterling can't be a racist. Some of his best friends and basketball players are black!

Your Complete Quotable Guide To Decades Of Donald Sterling's Racism

Digging deeper

Why Is the NAACP In Bed With Racist Donald Sterling?

NAACP On Sterling: Local Chapters Need 'Better Vetting Process' For Awards

Ya think?!

Maybe give the award to someone who hasn't donated big bucks to your cause. #conflictofinterest

Conservatives Called Him A Democrat, But Sterling Is Registered Republican

Sordid Subplot Appears To Show Another Ugly Side Of Donald Sterling

Let's not forget that he's a sexist pig as well as a racist pig.

Donald Sterling’s girlfriend has magical racism powers!

Maybe Stiviano should get the NAACP's award for exposing racism against blacks.

For more on conservative racism, see Bundy the Conservative Racist and The Science of Conservative Racism.

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